About  Dominique Chatters

Candidate for Chesterfield School Board - Dale District

Dominique Chatters is a retired U.S. Army Major whose experience includes two combat tours. Daughter of an Air Force veteran and wife of an Army veteran, she is the mom of four children attending Chesterfield County Public Schools. While on active duty, Chatters commanded the largest maintenance company in the Army, leading 300 soldiers at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Her two combat tours took place in Iraq, where she was an operations and logistics officer. She is an experienced leader, analyst and planner.
She retired as a Major in 2014.

MAJ (R) Dominique Chatters, Logistics

Active with Chesterfield County Public Schools since 2016, Chatters was president of the Parent Teacher Association at Hopkins Elementary School for five years and PTA Vice president at Hening Elementary School for one year. She has been the president of the Manchester Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association since September 2022. For several years she has attended and spoken at School Board meetings. Families, teachers and schools – these are the three key groups Chatters sees in need of advocacy. Her work to date has been behind the scenes yet high-profile. She has become well known to the news media and to parents in public school circles.

Fairness matters when it comes to decisions that impact the majority minority Dale District, she believes. That’s why she has emerged as a fighter. She has conducted research, spoken at public meetings, and even organized petitions and rallies to make sure that the Dale District receives its due. She has done this work as a volunteer which holding down a full time job as an Educator and Course director for Army Sustainment University for the Department of Defense.

A Virginia resident since 2008, she was president and vice president of the Parent Advisory Board on Fort Lee and became a member of the Parent Teacher Organization at Cornerstone Christian Academy. In March 2022, she hosted and moderated the Friends of Chesterfield Public Schools Coalition “Advocacy for Truth and Equity in Education” discussion panel. She is a current member of Chesterfield Collaborative for Equal Justice with a focus on education. Chatters also serves on the NAACP Education Committee and is a lifetime member of ROCKS Inc., a nonprofit mentoring organization comprising active, reserve and retired commissioned officers and warrant officers of the U.S. Armed Forces. Her long history of mentoring and advocating for youth includes coaching high school basketball and i9 youth volleyball and basketball.  She also served as secretary of the Chesterfield County Democratic Committee and is a member of the 4th Congressional District Committee. Her service and leadership continues
on Fort Gregg-Adams as a Union steward for AFGE Local 1178.

Dominique Chatters and Family

A small-business owner who was raised in the Bronx, N.Y., Dominique speaks Spanish fluently. She earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Morgan State University, a Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) “National Treasure,” and a master’s in organizational leadership from Southern New Hampshire University.

Dominique is running for school board because she’s seen firsthand how our teachers make miracles happen in the classroom with limited resources, unwarranted criticism from government leaders and overcrowded classrooms – all while being grossly underpaid. She believes our teachers deserve to earn a truly respectable wage, and need someone who will listen and fight for them so they succeed in the classroom and take care of their families. She believes our children will benefit from a county that invests in them and their futures.

On November 7, 2023 Elect Dominique Chatters
for Chesterfield School Board ~ Dale District.